Album Title: Rushed Again 2

Track Listing:
1. We Came Up (feat. Caliba) – Produced by A.G.
2. Break ‘Em – Produced by Capital P.
3. Get Ya Ass Raped (feat. Blury FrAze) – Produced by JerZ
4. Freedom – Produced by A. Chappell
5. Mind Money – Produced by Ronnie Beck
6. No Budget 2.0 (feat Killah Trakz) – Produced by Killah Trakz
7. Freaky Dumb (feat. MOEtive & Tico) – Produced by Musico
8. Tu ‘Stas Loca (Chico Liquor) – Produced by Edgardo Matta
9. On Yo Blocc (feat. Caliba) – Produced by Street Scores
10. T-Paine (Common Sense) – Produced by Killah Trakz
11. Bring ‘Em (feat. Caliba) – PRoduced by Mozart Jones
12. Blood on Ya Hands – Produced by A. Chappell
13. The Day Hip Hop Was Born – Produced by CTRAFFIK
14. Back Up (feat. Caliba) – Produced by A.G.
15. KillingDem Freestyle (feat. Killah Trakz) – Produced by Killah Trakz
16. (801)-TRAFFIK (Feat. Everyone & Their Mother) – Produced by Killah Trakz

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Ctraffik: Rushed Again 2

Music Videos:
Mind Money – Music Video
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Release Date: December 20, 2011
All Songs Published by No Espik Inglis Music, Inc. (ASCAP). Album recorded at Yegua Maldita Asquerosa* Studios and Engineered/Mixed by CTRAFFIK except: Tu ’Stas Loca (Recorded at Songo Sound Recording Facilities – Engineer/Mixing: Edgardo Matta ) On Yo Blocc (Recorded at On Point Entertainment Studios.) No Budget 2.0 and KillingDem Freestyle (Recorded at Killah Studios, Engineered by Killah Trakz). On Yo Blocc, Freedom & The Day Hip Hop Was Born were Mastered by Jorge Garcia for Miami Tape Inc.

The market forced my hand on this one. The original “Rushed Again” mixtape was downloaded thousands of times and, in particular, most of the MP3 cuts off the album. This lead to the realization that these hits needed to be cleaned up, recorded on original beats and given a wider audience. This album serves as a bridge between all of the mixtapes and tracks recorded since releasing “The BumRush” and the upcoming album “Chico Town”. Songs like “Blood on Ya Hands” and “Freedom” were originally written and planned for the “Chico Town” album but instead got released with the re-recordings of “The Day Hip Hop Was Born” (TDHHB), “T-Paine” and “We Came Up” – all that were so successful on the first “Rushed Again” disc. Because of time constraints, I just wanted all-guest producers on this project to get it out quicker, but folks were taking too long to get back to me with a beat for “TDHHB”. I fired up the turntables and produced the beat my damn self at the last minute to complete this album. This was definitely a work of love. I had to step up my mixing and mastering game as well. Also, getting to release the first few hundred copies with a silver foil stamped cover felt like I was releasing a deluxe version of an X-Men comic book. If you are one of the lucky few to get this limited-edition copy, then catch me when I’m in your town and I’ll buy you a drink for being a hardcore fan!